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Dear Drug Price Truth Readers:

My goal for the past 7-years as a physician, an investment professional and a federal whistleblower has been to stop the astounding U.S. brand drug pricing abuse caused by a remarkably simple corporate price collusion scheme. Unfortunately, myself and a small group of dedicated citizens have not been able to get our government to take action to stop the escalating abuse of patients and taxpayers across this nation. We are hopeful over time that we can get more Americans to join our efforts and demand real change that is long overdue.

We hope that you will review the information and share your comments, questions, stories and suggestions. Please forward the site, the related YouTube channel and or any of the contents to any and all. Your privacy and concerns will be respected.

Please join the email list. Your email will be 100% safe and your privacy respected. There will be lots of updates coming on a weekly basis or so.

Most importantly, we hope to start a dialog that will lead to a true grassroots coalition of Americans that demands action. One person at a time. Our escalating U.S. healthcare and drug pricing crises is not about politics -it is about people and families.

Thank you very much for your interest.

John R. Borzilleri, M.D.

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