Simple Take home message from Drug Price truth: Pharma and the dominant Health Insurer/PBMs are “PARTNERS” in Massively Raising U.S. Brand Drug Prices on all of us

Dear DPT Readers:

Lots of info on this website and in the Whistleblower legal documents, but all boils down to just a few key points:

  1. Pharma and the dominant Health Insurer/PBMs are PARTNERS, not Enemies: Pharma and the dominant Health Insurer/PBMs (United Health, Cigna/Express Scripts, CVS/Aetna) and Humana) have long been secret PARTNERS in massively raising U.S. brand drug prices, with both making huge profits while passing the costs on to all of us. They are just pretending to be “enemies” to create confusion and keep it going. These four health insurer/PBMs control drug plans for 85-90% of Americans, including the Medicare Part D program.
  2. The scheme started with Medicare Part D, but now universal across the nation: It all began with Part D (put into law 2003, started 2006) when the dominant health insurer/PBMs were given control of the program, with the pharma industry’s support. All the massive U.S. brand price increases began suddenly with Part D. U.S. and European brand drug prices were the same when Part D began. We now pay 5-10 more for old insulins, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and and many other top-selling drugs.
  3. All about secret “fees” from pharma – rebates don’t matter: With Part D, pharma began paying the PBMs in a secret new way – “fees” as a “percent” of each and every massive drug price and price increase. Why? Because Part D required full transparency of rebates for the first time, while there are many ways to hide the big secret “fee” payments from pharma. These “fees”, tied to “sticker” or “list” prices, are now secretly 80-100% of health insurer/PBM profits from U.S. brand drugs, but neither pharma nor the health/insurer PBMs are telling anyone or disclosing it in their financial statements.

Have a nice day! Please share this website and its contents. It is time to stop the astounding abuse occurring to all Americans, but especially the most severely-ill and vulnerable among us losing access to life-saving drugs.

Thank you,

John R. Borzilleri, M.D.

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