U.S. Cancer Market

Novartis' Gleevec and Many Others

U.S. Cancer Market

  • Massive price increases for many "old" U.S cancer drugs since Part D began
    • 60-70% of cancer drug use typically in Part D senior citizens
  • "Old" U.S cancer drugs set stage for standard $100,000-300,000 or more patient/year costs for new cancer drugs
  • The PBM industry has publicly admitted that pharmaceutical company "rebates/discounts"  for U.S. cancer drugs are commonly ZERO
    • As per the the CEO of Express Scripts (now part of Cigna); “Alternatively, in oral oncology, for example, rebates are practically nonexistent. Only 2 out of the 88 products pay rebates, yet prices have gone up 100% over five years. You can’t blame rebates for that.” Express Scripts Fourth Quarter 2016 Earnings Conference Call, February 15, 2017.
    • Link to Whistleblower case PBM CEO public discussion of cancer drug "rebates/discounts"
  • With minimal or non-existent pharmaceutical company cancer drug "rebates":
    • Virtually ALL massive U.S cancer drug costs from severe price increases are passed on to patients, clients and taxpayers
    • And the health insurer/PBMs make virtually ALL their profits on cancer drugs secretly from huge "pharma fees" directly tied to massive "sticker" prices
      • For extreme-priced U.S. "oral" cancer drugs ($100,000-300,000 patient/year), the health insurer/PBMs may be getting $8,000-$30,000 in "fees" per patient/year
      • For doing little more than mailing cancer prescriptions to a patient's home

Whistleblower case: U.S. Chronic Leukemia Drugs

  • Novartis' Gleevec (on U.S. market since 2001)
  • Novartis' Tasigna (on U.S. market since 2007)
  • Bristol-Myer's Squibb's Sprycel (on market since 2006)

Novartis' Gleevec - Severe U.S Pricing Abuse

  • A top-selling Medicare Part D cancer drug
    • Early 2016 U.S. patent expiration
  • 2005 Reported U.S. Sales: $524 million
  • 2015 Reported U.S. Sales: $2.5 billion
  • 2015 U.S. Sales WITHOUT Price Increases: $700 million
  • 2005 U.S. “List”/“Sticker”: $30,000/patient/year
  • 2015 U.S. “List”/“Sticker”: $150,000/patient/year
  • Cumulative harm since start of Part D: $7.4+ billion
  • Link to Gleevec Whistleblower cumulative harm chart

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